MISCo Gives Majuro Fishermen a boost

MISCo Market is promoting local fishermen throughout Majuro Atoll.the owner of the fishing group is Joseph Kattil.The fishing team includes eight members.Kattil's fishing business was funded through a micro loan.

"We supply all their fishing equipment and gear,"said MISCo Market Manager Arlington Tibon

"We supply all their fishing equitment and gera,"said MISCo Market Manager Arlington Tibon.

"they live in Woja.Almost everyday they supply us with fish because we support them,so it's a win win situation for both of us."

Micro Loan applications frm fishermen and farmers are being handled through Misco Market,He said.

MISCo,through the micro loan program,is willing to help the local community to develop self-reliance for the RMI.

Bank of Marshall Islands Vice President Hermai Makroro and MISCo Market Manager Arlington Tibon,left and second from left,join with Joseph Kattil's fishing group that regularly supplies reef fish to the Uliga-based market.Kattil is standing,fourth from left.

Shipping Fish out to Hawaii thru cargo business freight is now available...please call (692)625-6665

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